Mila Coupic 3-in-1 Concept Car Being Revealed At Geneva Motor Show

evolveteam February 28, 2012 0

Anyone familiar with the auto supply company Magna Steyr? Obviously, they’re not a landmark brand such as Bentely, Lexus, or even Honda, but the Austrian automaker’s built some street cred on the international front. The company looks to expand its audience as it preps a new “versatile” concept vehicle for the Geneva Motor Show 2012: the Mila Coupic. The prototype is said to be combination of “three different vehicle concepts into one,” serving as an SUV coupe, convertible or pick-up. Pretty clever.

The Coupic can fit five people and flaunts several SUV-inspired traits such as a soft-top roof, which features two open roof systems (front and rear) to offer drivers the ultimate open-air experience. President Guenther Apfalter dished on the Coupic stating the following: “Our customers expect suppliers like Magna to bring them innovative solutions to help them meet the increasingly demanding challenges of this industry. The MILA Coupic multifunctional concept showcases vehicle functionality through flexible seating systems, roof modules and materials.”

No word yet on availability or pricing for the three-in-one coupe, but we’ll be keeping tabs on the Mila Coupic come next week.