LG Reveals the Android-Ready Optimus 2X Phone

evolveteam December 18, 2010 0

Ladies and Gents, the world’s first dual-core smartphone: the LG Optimus 2X. While it’s only a month away from hitting Korean shelves, the Android 2.2-powered handset is schedule to hit the states sometime in 2011. LG also promises a Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update in the near future. As huge fans of the Optimus S, we’re pretty psyched. Here’s a look at the tech specs:

– 1Ghz Dual-Core Processor (Nvidia Tegra 2)
– 4-inch WVGA screen
– 8 gigs of memory (though it supports up to 32 GB via microSD)
– 1500mAh battery
– 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.3 megapixel front camera
– HDMI mirroring (read: what’s on the screen is what’s piped out over HDMI. In other words, how HDMI-out should work)
– 1080p MPEG-4/H.264 playback and recording
– microUSB
– DLNA for wireless content sharing