Japan Bundles MJ's This Is It W/ PS3

evolveteam January 7, 2010 0

Just goes to show Michael Jackson is more admired outside the states. Through Sony’s innovations, the “King of Pop” continues to make his presence felt, well at least virtually. Presenting the This Is It PS3 bundle, which comes with a Blu-ray movie of Michael Jackson’s behind-the-scenes concert film, along with a 120GB black PS3 Slim. Unfortunately the PS3 bundle is a Japan-only offer set for release on January 27. So yes it’s true, while Japan will be “rocking” with the new Jackson PS3 bundle, the US will be “graced” with another Hannah Montana PSP pack. Oh joy, oh bliss…but wait…what’s this…

Could this be an Easter egg for the bundle? Or will another country get dibs on it?