Is Apple Looking to Release a 6-inch iPhone?

evolveteam September 6, 2013 3
6-inch iPhone

We’ve always known Apple for never following trends, but setting them. However, the company’s last-gen gadgets from the iPhone 5 to the iPad Mini have all taken cues from its competition. Now reports have the Cupertino Clan falling into the phablet craze with the Wall Street Journal stating it’s testing a 6-inch iPhone. Guess the true question is whether the company has plans of releasing such a device in the near future. With the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C lined up for next week, we shouldn’t expect this 6-inch mobile anytime in 2013. Though it would definitely make sense for Apple to launch it as the prematurely named iPhone 6 or whatever Apple plans on calling its next-next-gen smartphone.


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