343 Industries Details Halo: The Master Chief Collection Multiplayer

evolveteam June 23, 2014 2
Master Chief Collection

In a recent Q&A regarding Halo: The Master Chief Collection, game developer 343 Industries explained that while there will be minor tweaks and changes to the games’ multiplayer modes, they are consciously trying to preserve the spirit of the original games in the collection’s updated content.

Responding to a fan question about the inclusion of button combos in Halo 2: Anniversary, the developer responded many would be retained, but some button combos and glitches may not work the same way on the collection’s new maps. However, the post added that they “are working very hard to match the original experience as closely as possible on [the Xbox One’s] engine.” Similarly, when asked if each game in the collection would keep its original title screen, the developer answered that while the collection only had a single menu, “we will provide unique experiences for each title that capture the spirit of each original game.”

The Q&A also confirmed the collection would be exclusive to the Xbox One only. They dismissed the notion of a PC port of the collection and explained the Xbox 360 lacked the power to support it.

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