Halo 5 Beta Meant to Help Studio “Hone Multiplayer Experience”

evolveteam June 18, 2014 1
Halo 5 beta

Since it’s official announcement at E3 2014, every Xbox One owner has been counting the days till the Halo 5 beta goes live, which is on December 27, 2014. And while the way to gain access is by purchasing the Halo: Master Chief Collection this November, developer 343 Industries claims its going big with the upcoming demo and taking in all the fan feedback possible to enhance the final product when released late next year.

Franchise Development Director, Frank O’Connor, spoke with EuroGamer recently stating the game’s been in production for years, while admitting that making another installment for the fans is “not as easy as it sounds.” Gamers will have their first taste of Halo 5 with the upcoming beta and experience the next-gen Halo gaming engine that was “built for the Xbox One” as studio head Bonnie Ross confirms.

According to Ross, the purpose of the beta will be to gather different ways for players to dish out feedback so the studio can “hone the multiplayer experience.” She adds “it’s a real beta” and not just “network data or performance data” test. Those interested in reading the entire interview can jump to EuroGamer.

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