Google Nexus 6 Smartphone & Nexus 8 Tablet Confirmed?

evolveteam May 14, 2014 1
Nexus 6 smartphone

Rumors of Google launching new versions for its popular Nexus devices have run rampant online since the start of the year, though no confirmation was ever given by the Android kingpin. Analysts are still predicting a 6-inch smartphone will hit the market sometime this fall, with a new slate to follow. Any avid mobilephile would make the same guess based off the company’s track record. But if this recent report from holds up, then consider the Nexus 6 phone and next-gen Nexus 8 tablet officially official.

Florian Kiersch and Carsten Knobloch discovered the listings in the Chromium Code Review. Though no details were shared on the products, the mentions suggest Google has selected the product names for its 2014 Nexus devices. Look at the screenshot below.

Nexus 6 Chromium Code Reviews

Previous findings in the Chromium Issue Tracker point at Google working on an HTC-made Nexus tablet and Android TV, despite both falling under different codenames: Flounder and Molly.

Other reports indicate this will be the final year of the Nexus imprint, as Google will replace it with the Android Silver program heading into 2015—in an attempt to establish a strong relationship with OEM partners to sell high-end devices running Google’s latest Android software.

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