Disney Struggling With Direction of Boba Fett Spin-Off Film

evolveteam April 25, 2014 1
Boba Fett Movie

As if Disney didn’t already have its hands full with the upcoming Star Wars: Epsiode VII, now comes talk of the studio struggling with the direction of where they want to take the Boba Fett character for the planned spin-off. Latino-Review reports executives at Disney and Lucasfilm’s held a private breakfast to discuss the film property, where some of the “staff” was supposedly overheard discussing the project, which MakingStarWars.net loosely paraphrases:

Lucasfilm wants Boba Fett to remain menacing and scary, but we have to make him the hero of the film and it is a real challenge.

While most fans seem to be ignoring the report, others believe the film could lead into a storyline telling the backstory of the Bounty Hunter and whom he takes jobs from at different periods in the Star Wars history. You would swear Disney was working hard on making Boba Fett the next cool anti-hero like Riddick.

In other news, it’s being said that we can expect the studio to reveal the official title of Star Wars: Episode VII at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

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