Diablo III Review

evolveteam September 9, 2013 0
Diablo 3 Xbox 360 Title Screen
Words by Angelina Montanez

For years, hardcore gamers have strongly debated the quality performance of PC gamers over its console siblings. We, like the majority, strongly agree. High-quality graphics, more powerful hardware, and better system performance—a laptop, desktop, or gaming rig clearly bears the specs to create the ultimate gaming experience. Gaming giant Blizzard looks to cross that fine line between the home console and PC front, porting over its long-awaited (and critically acclaimed) Diablo sequel, Diablo III , to current-gen systems.

Those familiar with the company’s history might remember its last venture into console gaming. Lost Vikings 2 sound familiar? We’re talking 1997 on the SNES. Over 16 years later, Blizzard looks to prove the skeptics wrong by bringing its latest action-RPG to the PS3 and Xbox 360; with successful results. Has the developer beaten the odds? Here’s our review on the PS3 version ofDiablo III.

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