‘Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue Headed To Pittsburgh Next Week

evolveteam December 8, 2011 0
Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh

Warner Bros. announced the list of theaters across the nation showing The Dark Knight Rises Prologue attached to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The city of Pittsburgh, which served as the primary backdrop for the film, was originally excluded from the list, but will now screen the highly anticipated preview at the Carnegie Science Center next week. Those who live in the area can read up on the details below:

“The Dark Knight Rises” prologue — the first six minutes of the 2012 movie — will be shown with the documentary “Tornado Alley” at the Carnegie Science Center starting Dec. 16.

Tickets, $8 for an adult and $6 per child (with $1 off for members), can be bought through CarnegieScienceCenter.org or 412-237-3400. No separate tickets for the prologue, rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some violence, will be sold.

In some cities, the much-anticipated preview is being paired with “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol” but not here where the Rangos Omnimax Theater will do the honors. It’s not known how long the Batman opening sequence will screen with the documentary, which runs about an hour.

“The Dark Knight Rises” was shot partially in Pittsburgh and residents were miffed and disappointed when they learned Pittsburgh was not on the list of North American cities getting the sneak preview. That perceived slight has been remedied.

“We are delighted to provide our visitors, both new and veteran Batman fans, a chance to see the opening sequence of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on a giant screen,” Ann Metzger, co-director of Carnegie Science Center, said in announcing the booking coup.

“Christopher Nolan and his crew transformed Pittsburgh into Gotham City during filming, and while we miss seeing the Tumblers around town, we are honored to be one of select IMAX theaters to have this exciting opportunity.”