The Biggest Gaming Announcements of E3 2014

evolveteam June 11, 2014 5

Project Beast Emerges…As Bloodborne

A week before E3, video of what was presumed to be Project Beast leaked online, adding to its build up during the PlayStation press conference. And it made an appearance, under a different moniker. From Software had a beautiful new cinematic trailer waiting for us—introducing intense, scary level designs and some of the wildest creatures imaginable. The Dark Souls developer provided a first look at just how much blood and violence will be present in the upcoming game, but left us with much to be curious about regarding actual gameplay. Cinematic trailers are rarely to be trusted in terms of of actual carryover to what the final product will look like. But if Bloodborne is even half as good as the preview suggests, all PS4 owners will be satisfied in 2015.