Apple’s Killer Feature for iWatch Could Be Voice Messaging

evolveteam July 3, 2014 1
iWatch Concept

We’ve all heard about the rumored iWatch, the next big device coming to Apple’s already well-equipped arsenal. Much of the speculation surrounding the wearable is about the device’s potential fitness features. Now, however, talk has turned to a new possible feature: voice messaging.

Think back to the days of walkie-talkies. Voice messaging would be similar: iWatch owners would speak into their wearable phone, recording an audio message to be sent in place of text. Tech experts are optimistic that voice messaging could work well with iWatches, because the screens would be too small for regular texting.

If Apple’s iWatch is to do well in the competitive mobile device market, they’ll need something special to set it apart from other devices. Voice messaging is that ‘something special,’ and perhaps, it’ll even become the next popular medium of communication.

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