Unannounced Titanfall Game Modes Leak

evolveteam July 3, 2014 0
Titanfall game modes

Titanfall fans have something to look forward to. Rumor has it a new set of game modes will be released soon, but these new modes have yet to be confirmed by developer Respwan Entertainment. Now as some of you already know, two of the modes are called Marked for Death and Wingman Last Titan. This new list was uncovered by NeoGAF user RazorUK included new text as well as scripts that look like they belong to next Titanfall update.

Here is a list of expected modes and descriptions that were hidden from the June update:

Wingman Last Titan Standing – Last team with Titans standing wins
Marked for Death – Kill the marked pilot
Titan Tag – No description
Capture the Titan – Capture the Titan and bring it to your base
Bodyguard (TITAN_ESCORT) – No description
Big Brother – Attack and defend the control panel

Now the last four on the list have yet to be confirmed and may not happen, though we’re still waiting to see if the company will greenlight it or not. However keep your eyes open for added content coming up in the following months.

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