“Amazing Spider-Man” Producers Talk “Sinister Six” and “Venom” Films

evolveteam March 12, 2014 1
Sinister Six Movie

With high expectations for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequel, Sony’s already gone spin-off crazy by announcing plans to create film projects based on the Sinister Six and Venom in the near future. The studio felt the news was so huge, it even put out a press release confirming all the key players involved: including Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, Ed Solomon, Drew Goddard and Marc Webb.

Producer Matt Tolmach recently spoke with SFX addressing the issues that come with creating the Sinister Six film:

“It’s a challenge in every sense. Obviously questions of traditional hero/villain dynamics have to be looked at. At the same time it’s an awesome challenge, because some of the greatest characters are in fact villains, and how you construct that is so much fun. People love those bad characters if they’re good bad characters, and love to watch them. And nobody’s all good, nobody’s all bad, and so where we end up with that story, I think, is a really awesome challenge, and we all smile when we think about what you can do. It’s definitely a bad-ass group of people and I think it’s going to be a ton of fun to watch them.”

Regarding the Venom film, Arad shared his vision for the project and how he would love to dig deeper into the character:

“Venom hated only one guy – Spider-Man. He wasn’t innately bad, he was a shortcut guy, not really into fighting hard for achievement. That’s the Venom story. Can he also be a good guy? As you know, Venom was also called ‘lethal defender of the innocent’. We had a great history with him, especially caring for the homeless, which is a very sensitive issue and something that many of us are very concerned with. Our villains all represent a different side of the misunderstood, and some of them unfortunately turned to the dark side. Venom happened to be a phenomenal character. With Eddie Brock, or if you do Flash Thompson, it doesn’t matter who is going to be inside the suit – what’s important is that a man like him is going to realize there comes a time when you wake up in the morning and say ‘How did I get here? There must be a better way.’”

There is still no release window for either Spidey spin-off, so for now, consider both pipe dreams. On the plus side, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is right around corner. So make sure to Fandango your ticket for opening day on May 2nd.

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