5 Reasons Why Saints Row IV is the Summer’s Biggest Game

evolveteam July 9, 2013 2
Saints Row 4 Australia Controversy

Controversy Sells

Saints Row IV has been refused classification in Australia, banned for promoting extreme sexual violence. Yes, seriously. If anyone’s played the previous games, you know the franchise has never experienced such an issue before. And if there’s anything we learned from Grand Theft Auto III, when a game comes under such controversy, it only makes gamers want to run out and buy it even more.

The team at Volition have announced it will make changes to the Australian version. Publisher Deep Silver told StrategyInformer that the developer is making the necessary changes, one of which includes the removal of the “Alien Anal Probe” weapon. In the meantime, pre-orders for the game are still available with the “Low Violence Version” label. According to Deep Silver, Volition is “reworking some of the code” to “content which could cause offense”.

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