5 Reasons Why Saints Row IV is the Summer’s Biggest Game

evolveteam July 9, 2013 2
Saints Row 4 Powers

The Prez Has Super Powers?

As if running the country wasn’t enough of a super power, gamers are also blessed with supernatural capabilities. Choose from a set of specific powers. Buff lets you use your body as a weapon, where as Telekinesis makes it possible to pick up enemies/objects and fling them across the environment. Blast allows you to use the climate to your advantage in taking down adversaries. On top of that, you’ll be blessed with other super moves such as Super Jump, Death From Above, Stomp, Super Sprint, and Force Field. Sounds fun, huh?

Saints Row 4 Controversy

The Customization System

One of the best parts of any game is having the ability to customize your character and weapons. Gamers can dress up their lead in clothing decals, along with piercings and tattoos, even making the avatar look just like a mere self-replica. Clothing and hair won’t be the only things you can switch up. When it comes to armory, you’ll be able to add insane items to your weaponry like a guitar case. So Desperado. Just examine the image above and see how many weapons the President is gripping all at once.

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