5 Reasons To Make the HTC One Your Next Android Phone

evolveteam March 7, 2013 6
htc one sense 4

HTC Sense Revamped

Sense has always remained not only our favorite user-interface on Android, but the most attractive and dynamic of the bunch. HTC looks to ship the Ons with its most updated UI, which flaunts a redesigned home screen and numerous other user-friendly facets. The phone has two desktop panels (the option is there to expand) and has an app launcher that offers a new weather widget, as well as two different grid layouts (3×3 or 4×5). A new pre-configuration set-up helps place all preloaded apps into two app launcher panes for organizational purposes.

Other notable additions include a new music player interface offering a visualizer and providing lyrics for all songs: karaoke-style. There’s also cloud support to initiate an encrypted backup for Dropbox or any other third-party storage service, plus it’s tied to your Facebook account, meaning users can restore data by logging into their profile.

And that’s just about half of the latest enhancements made to Sense 5.

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