2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The 10 Best Mobile Gaming Accessories

evolveteam November 15, 2012 7

2012 holiday gift guide xappr gun


Price: $60
The mobile gaming peripheral lets you engage in a series of augmented reality and shooting games, as well as play a few rounds of Laser Tag with fellow XAPPR owners. Impressive!

2012 holiday gift guide duo pinball arcade machine

Duo Pinball Arcade

Price: $60
Apple’s tablet makes for a solid touchscreen gaming experience. But there are some titles, like Pinball, that just don’t have the same feel without a physical controller present. That’s where Discover Bay’s creation comes into play. Sporting two control flippers and spring-loaded plunger, the Bluetooth-enabled machine gives Pinball fanatics the hands-on approach they desperately seek.

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