The 10 Biggest Gaming Announcements at GDC 2014

evolveteam March 21, 2014 4
DirectX 12 GDC 2014

Microsoft Reveals DirectX 12

The last time any of us saw the API program on a Microsoft platform was on Windows 7 back in 2009. The company went on to confirm DirectX 12 and showcased the software, while announcing partners such as AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. Aside from being a major announcement for PC gamers, Microsoft officials say DirectX 12 will provide major improvements for developers that take advantage of spreading tasks across multi-core CPUs, all while reducing CPU hindrance to deliver advanced performance. No official release date has been give, but SDKs are said be made available later this year with analysts predicting a “holiday 2015” window for DirectX 12-developed titles to ship.

PS Vita GDC 2014

Sony Shares Its PlayStation 4 and Vita Lineup

Granted Sony has confirmed “more than 100 PS4 games” being available this year, it’s still unknown what those exact titles will be. The gaming giant finally opened up on what we can expect to see across all its PlayStation platforms. Here is the line-up:

Counterspy (SCEA) – PS3
Infamous Second Son (SCEA) – PS4
Helldivers (SCEA) – PS4
Hohokum (SCEA) – PS4
Child of Light (Ubisoft) – PS4
GALAK-Z (17-Bit) – PS4
N++ (Metanet Software) – PS4
Rogue Legacy (Polytron) – PS4
Sportsfriends (Die Gute Fabrik) – PS4
Towerfall Ascension (Matt Makes Games) – PS4
Borderlands 2 (Iron Galaxy) – PS Vita
Luftrausers (Devolver Digital) – PS Vita
Race the Sun (Flippfly) – PS Vita
Steamworld Dig (Image & Form) – PS Vita
Super Exploding Zoo (Honeyslug) – PS Vita

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