New iOS App Whyd Plays Your Favorite Music For Free

evolveteam June 24, 2014 2
Whyd ios app

The 21st century has seen a complete reworking of the music industry. With streaming services like Pandora and audio/video sharing sites like Youtube and Soundcloud, audiences are listening to music in new ways, for less money. Here’s where Whyd comes in. This new app for iOS allows users to listen to all their favorite tracks, completely free of charge.

The premise is simple enough: Whyd follows your activity on Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and other online sites. It then collects these tracks so that you can replay them on the go. With Whyd you can make playlists of songs you’ve listened to, and follow friends’ tracks to discover more. The app looks just like any other music player, with a ‘now playing’ page, a search bar, and pause/play button.

To become a Whyd user, just download the app and create an account – both for free. Then listen away!

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