Warner Bros. Still Considering ‘Batman Beyond’ Movie

evolveteam July 19, 2013 1
Batman Beyond film

Even with The Dark Knight Trilogy coming to a close last summer, Warner Bros. is trying everything in the film studio’s power to reboot the Batman franchise. The prime candidate being Batman Beyond. According to BOF, a feature film based on the popular American animated series is in the works though no release date or production details have been divulged.

It’s well known that WB is pursuing a Justice League film for a 2015 release, though that seems to be sitting in development purgatory at the moment with two of The Dark Knight Rises biggest assets (Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) passing on the project. So who would the studio have in mind to play the futuristic caped crusader, Terry McGinnis, and elderly mentored Bruce Wayne? Your guess is as good as ours. This could either be a dope idea if pulled off properly or a massive train wreck.

[Batman on Film]

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