Twitter Finally Introduces Animated GIFs

evolveteam June 19, 2014 0

As of yesterday, Twitter fans can now share and view animated GIFs. You know, the looping, hilarious, animated images usually seen on phones or desktops? While social networking sites like Pinterest and Tumblr led the charge in supporting images, Twitter has finally shown interest by following suit. Facebook still refuses to allow GIFs on its site, reportedly because it believes they’ll uglify users’.

Pinterest rolled out its GIF support back in January, unveiling the feature after millions of GIFs were posted as still images. Now the GIFs on Twitter won’t automatically play; the users will have to press the play button to watch, or click on the tweet. Instagram also allows its users to upload GIFs, along with other image formats. GIFs are the very first video-type content available to regular users not advertisers. Tweeters used to be able to share GIFs through Twitpic, but with the new support feature, it’s lost all use.

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