‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Plot Details Revealed, Cast and Crew Speak

evolveteam January 19, 2012 0
Amazing Spider-Man Emma Stone

A press conference was held in Japan for the upcoming Spidey reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, which brought together cast members Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, along with producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach to discuss the Marvel summer blockbuster. Director Mark Webb was absent, but Arad controlled the stage as he touched on the film’s storyline, hinting at several future outcomes we could see in the film: including Peter Parker’s past and what really happened to his parents. Here’s an except from the conference:

“In our movie, [Peter] finds his true love. Gwen Stacy was always the true love of Peter Parker… We found a very, very good story about what makes a human being. About what sets their destiny.

“We introduce our villain, Dr. Connors, and in the great tradition of Marvel, Dr. Connors is going to be connected to Peter Parker and, in our case even more interesting, to Gwen Stacy. Right there, the challenge of having to deal with a villain who is a mentor and the only one who you can look at and say, ‘So what really happened to my dad?’ That’s a very hard person to fight.”