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Gears of War Film Budget Chainsawed

evolveteam April 7, 2010 1

Even with a plethora of anticipation from gaming fans since it’s announcement, the “Gears of War” film has been in limbo for nearly two years. Now comes news from the LA Times that the

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Emily Blunt Passes on Captain America

evolveteam April 6, 2010 0

Judging by her agent’s decision to go after the leading female role in this year’s uneventful remake of “The Wolfman,” Emily Blunt seems to be watching her choice in film roles. According to the

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Ritchie Drops Lobo, Prefers Holmes Sequel

evolveteam January 28, 2010 0

Looks like that Sherlock Holmes crew is getting a little comfortable dropping out of projects in favor of others. A few weeks ago Robert Downey Jr. dropped out of Cowboys and Aliens to work

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Marvin the Martian Ruins Christmas in 2011

evolveteam December 20, 2009 0

Would of seen Bugs or Daffy having their own film before Marvin the Martian, but ok. The LA Times reports Shrek himself, Mike Myers, will voice the extraterrestrial, which will receive the CGI treatment

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