T-Mobile Introduces New Test Drive Service Trial with iPhones

evolveteam June 19, 2014 1
t-mobile iphone

At summer camp, the cool kids were always the ones who carelessly leapt into the cold swimming pool without a second thought. The less popular crew sat off to the side, hesitantly dipping their toes in first.

When it comes to switching mobile carriers, however, the roles are reversed. Blindly trusting mobile providers can be risky. Really, nobody can truly believe ‘it’ until they see ‘it.’ That’s why T-Mobile recently introduced Test Drive: a week long trial period for potential customers to test the waters.

The service is simple. Interested customers sign up online, and in turn, they’ll receive an iPhone 5S, already equipped with T-Mobile’s unlimited plan. For seven days, participants will use the device as their own. At the end of the week, if the participant is persuaded, T-Mobile will cover any termination fees. The service is completely free, provided customers return the phone at the end of the trial.

For people who feel suffocated by strict rules, expensive fees, and general uncertainty, this service rules. It’ll let participants know what to expect, ease the transition, and persuade people to take the plunge.

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