Sony Announces S1 and S2 Tablets Exclusively For AT&T

evolveteam July 14, 2011 0

After months of speculation, Sony officially announced its S1 and S2 tablets, which should deliver the perfect blend of hardware, content, and wireless capability. Along with the announcement, the electronic manufacturer claims both tablets will be exclusive to AT&T.

The S1 is geared towards providing a rich media experience and will sport a 9.4-inch display, while the S2 will be ideal for mobile communication and entertainment with its dual-5.5-inch screens. Yes, dual-screens. Each is set to come packaged with Android’s Gingerbread OS and support wi-fi and WAN (3G/4G). The “Sony Tablets” will become available in global markets starting in fall 2011. Stay tuned for pricing and more spec information as it drops.