Qualcomm Debuts Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth That Captures Bullet-Time GIFs

evolveteam October 21, 2013 0
Qualcomm Ultimate Smartphone Booth

The smartphone-processing giant known as Qualcomm has been at the forefront of mobile innovation throughout the past couple of years and holds claim to creating the most powerful chips found on today’s biggest handsets. Looking to showcase its CPU technology, the company built what it calls the “Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth,” which features 130 Snapdragon-powered HTC One devices set up on a special rig that sets off each mobile camera light when something takes place in the booth. Once complete, it captures all the shot images and syncs them together to create these bullet time-like GIFs. Pretty sick stuff. Watch Qualcomm’s video presentation below and see what the end results look like.

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