PSN Continues To Disappoint This Holiday Season With Faulty Service

Jager Robinson December 30, 2014 0
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While it has been a wonderful holiday season for game sales, it has been a terrible season for network connectivity. As people around the world open up their brand new consoles and try to play their gifted games, PSN and Xbox Live continue to be faulty. In a day and age where everything needs to be updated and downloaded before playing anything, having Xbox Live and PSN down certainly doesn’t help the cause.

As many of you may know, starting Christmas Eve, a major hack movement was sent forth to bring down PSN and Xbox Live and their certainly succeeded with many of the services being down for a few days. Since the 26th, Xbox Live has been running relatively smoothly with a few major bumps along the way, but PSN continues to struggle.

With console sales still well above the Xbox One, the PS4 continues to disappoint in the network category. We have totaled 20 days of PSN being down since the PS4 launch which should result in some sort of compensation for its owners but probably wont.

We will continue to update this story but as of now, PSN continues to struggle to stay live since Sony’s major hack this holiday season.