Microsoft Working on New Web Browser Codenamed Spartan

evolveteam December 30, 2014 0
Microsofft Spartan Browser

Internet Explorer might be no more, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from considering a new web browsing experience for its upcoming Windows 10 OS. According to a report from ZDNET, the company has a “lightweight” browser in the works that feels “more like Chrome and Firefox.” While a massive UI change is to be expected, it’s being said that the codenamed Spartan browser would retain many of Microsoft’s current web technology.

The new technology would use the Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine, which is mainly used on Apple’s Safari browser. Interestingly enough, the report also suggests that IE 11 will actually still be made available for Windows 10 via backward compatibility reasons. So we could see two different browsers shipped with the package when launched next year. The public could actually gain a glimpse of Spartan at the company’s upcoming January 21st event where more software features are rumored to be uveiled.