New iPhone App Vhoto Helps Captures The Perfect Picture

evolveteam June 3, 2014 1
Vhoto app

Tired of taking blurry action shots? Us too. Fortunately, now you can capture clear photos effortlessly with the help of Vhoto, a new iOS app that works with the iPhone and iPad.

Little did we know, the iPhone doesn’t specialize in capturing moving videos. Rather, the video setting rapidly captures a series of still images – specifically, 30 images per second. Vhoto, a word combining photo and video, does just that by using the smartphone’s video-capturing software to select the best image. So no longer are the days standing with your thumb hovering over the capture button, waiting for the perfect moment. Now we can all be professional photographers – or should we say, vhotographers.

The app also includes a “Vhoto community,” encouraging users to share and search for photos using hashtags. Though this social feature isn’t anything novel, Vhoto stands out among other photo apps for its ability to find the perfect picture. Download it now at the Apple Store for FREE.

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