Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review

evolveteam February 22, 2013 4
metal gear rising boss battles

Insane Boss Battles

Think you’re gonna walk into a battle and not have your ass served? Ha. One thing I love about the game is that gamers have to be skilled in order to beat the bosses—mastering the skills and knowing when to apply them. Get familiar with the move set and pay attention to when switching between attacks: quickly. Novices might feel a little uncomfortable trying to learn the moves, but it doesn’t take numerous hours of practice to get it down pat. Just know all boss encounters are dramatic, multi-part affairs that bring new warfare tactics into the mix. Make no mistake—these characters fit the mold of the typical Metal Gear villain.

metal gear rising revengeance dlc skins

Sweet DLC

For those who already picked up the title, you’re well aware of the game’s additional skin available upon purchase. Well, look out for the special MGS 4: Guns of Patriots Raiden armors available now for $2. Those who’ve pre-ordered the game through Amazon lucked out in scoring the Inferno Armor, while European players snag the free Gray Fox costume. Then there are the VR missions bundled with the game, which are challenging and also reward gamers with bonus facets and combat practice. VR missions unlock as you play through the game, as do a number of secondary weapons dropped by bosses such as ridiculously clever pole-arms and the slow, but powerful, pincer blade. You can also unlock skills and costumes, plus spend credits to boost your stats. The bonuses are practically limitless.

Metal gear rising revengeance conclusion

In Conclusion…

Revengeance is definitely a title that strays away from the norm of the franchise. The different form of gameplay is a great diversion from the series traditional stealth-inspired play. Better still, no matter how different the game is from its predecessors, it still feels right at home in the franchise. The collaborative effort between Platinum Games and Kojima Productions makes for an exciting and action-packed title. The developer did an amazing job in terms of the game’s combo system, and even with particular camera issues present, that doesn’t stop it from being a title worthy of purchasing or GameFly’ing. Consider it a great addition to the Metal Gear collection.

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