Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review

evolveteam February 22, 2013 4
Metal Gear Rising gameplay

Amazing Gameplay

To put it bluntly, sh* is insane. The game’s melee combat system is stunning, as everything from dicing enemies to slashing physical objects in half at will along a geometrical plane feels flawless via Blade mode. Any object in the game can be cut (baddies, enemies, etc.). You’ll notice a special targeting reticule, which can be rotated and moved, tracing orange lines across the surfaces of objects to specify exactly where cuts will take place. It can also be used to enter a bullet-time state, granting gamers the opportunity to slash targets during action sequences.

One of the dopes features is Raiden’s ability to parry attacks even when his back is turned, allowing him to counterattack and perform multiple combos. Stealth mode (dubbed Ninja Dash) increases the character’s speed and allows him to climb particular areas—opening the lane to ambush threats rather than pick a one-on-one fight. Another awesome feature is zan-datsu (cut and take), which involves “cutting” through enemies and snatching, energy, ammunition, items, and information from dismembered cyborgs and robots. Can’t forget the assistance from Bladewolf, a dog-like machine that gathers map information for Raiden. Gotta love the Shadow Dancer aspect of it.

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