Live Stream Super Bowl XLVI From Your Verizon Phone

evolveteam February 5, 2012 0
Verizon Streaming Super Bowl XLVI

Not everyone’s fortunate enough to watch or celebrate Super Bowl XLVI via house party, local bar or man cave. So if you’re on the road or nowhere near a 50-inch flat-screen TV, and just so happen to be a Verizon subscriber, the mobile carrier’s giving you exclusive access to the big game. Believe it. Big Red has partnered with the NFL to live stream Super Bowl XLVI on its NFL Mobile service—making it the first-ever Super Bowl broadcast live on a mobile phone.

A survey ran by mobile marketing firm Venti suggests that 60 percent of viewers will watch Super Bowl XLVI on their smartphones, while E-Trade reports 31 percent of watchers will be active on Facebook, 6 percent on Twitter. Really? We expected more.

NBC is also making sure you don’t miss out on the climatic battle between the Giants and Patriots, live streaming the gridiron battle on its website. So for those traveling on the road or in the air, pull up the laptop and score a Wi-Fi connection to catch up on each quarter.

Verizon isn’t the only company capitalizing on the most televised and watched sporting event each year. Shazaam signed on with half of the Super Bowl XLVI advertisers to promote the company’s logo during these commercials, which will run interactive ads and let users purchase music featured in each spot. Teleflora plans is offering coupons, Best Buy will give away a $50 gift card for mobile purchases, and Super Bowl whores Go Daddy will run a QR code: providing access to a much racier version of their commercial via website. Already sounds like a shoe-in for the worst commercial aired during Super Bowl XLVI.

Now you’re ready for some Football. Take full advantage of these services if needed.

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