Madden 13 Cover Athlete To Be Chosen Via 64-Player Fan Vote

evolveteam February 3, 2012 0
Madden 13 Cover Athlete

Since 2011, EA’s givn its gaming community the opportunity to choose the cover athlete for its Madden series. During yesterday’s 18th Annual Madden Bowl held in Indianapolis ala Super Bowl festivities, the company announced it will do the same this year—increasing the number of candidates from 32 to 64—with once gracing the cover of Madden 13. Two players from each NFL team will be present in the vote balloting, with the first round determining one nominee per team.

Denver Broncos phenomenon Tim Tebow joined New Orleans Saints players Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham playing a quick game of Madden, which ended in Tebow taking this year’s crown. Tebow Time!

The Madden 13 cover athlete voting is set to begin March 7 and will be promoted on ESPN’s SportsNation program. Keep tabs on the Madden NFL Facebook page to see the entire list of Madden 13 candidates. Our vote: Eli Manning. Give the kid us due.