LilyPad Solar iPad Cases Set The Mold For Eco-Tablet Cases With Incredible Feature Set

evolveteam September 12, 2011 0
lilypad ipad solar case features eco-case

Lets see here: backup battery, HDMI output, USB ports, and stainless-steel keyboard and movie stand. Sound like your standard iPad protection case? Of course not. Aside from its solar-power capabilities, the Kickstarter-funded LilyPad solar iPad Case tackles all those functions, while keeping its Green aura intact—composed from 80 percent recycled materials and finished with a smooth-rubberized jacket. The case is said to support up to “12.5 days with normal indoor / outdoor light before having to charge,” while having the capability to charge without direct sunlight (the lighting in your room).

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. iPad 2 owners have a better case in their future with the feature-heavy LilyPad 2, which supports a few more fancies you can check out below. If you’re an iFiend that relies heavily on their iPad or iPad 2: support the cause and make a pledge. Read up on more about the futuristic eco-case on its Kickstarter page.

lilyPad ipad 2 solar case features