Legit or BullShhhh: The PlayStation Vita Launching This November In Japan

evolveteam September 6, 2011 0

Sony made it clear that the PlayStation Vita wasn’t launching stateside till 2012, and while there’s been chat of the next-gen handheld being delayed worldwide, now comes a rumor from GamaLive stating that the system will be available this November in Japan and Hong Kong. A Sony insider informed the international gaming site that we should expect a PSV launch around November 12, with a western release targeted for March 2012. Sony’s expected to announce an official release date at next week’s Toyko Game Show, but that doesn’t guarantee it will. Still, considering the proposed U.S. release is about one month before the end of Sony’s fiscal year, and the fact that the PSP came out around the same time period, this rumor seems legit for the most part.