Leaked Watch Dogs World Map is Bigger Than Grand Theft Auto 4

evolveteam May 21, 2014 0
Watch Dogs art

It’s been well known that Watch Dogs won’t support the largest game map ever featured in a video game. Though it’s still set to feature a pretty large virtual world to roam around and hack.

One Redditor user named dontyoudare411 managed to compile different areas of Watch Dogs’ virtual representation of Chicago based on the trailers (view below), which they then compared to the Liberty City map in Grand Theft Auto 4 and pointed to the size comparison between GTA4 and GTA5.

Judging from the renderings, Watch Dogs will have a bigger map than GTA4, but a smaller one than GTA5. Ubisoft’s gone on record stating they chose this scale to make Chicago feel as “real and dense as possible.”

The game will hit the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on May 27th.

Watch Dogs Map

Watch Dogs World Map

World Map Watch Dogs

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