The Last Guardian Is Still In The Works

Jager Robinson February 17, 2015 0

Despite the recent loss of a trademark, Sony says that The Last Guardian is still in development.

Yesterday, in a bizarre turn of events, The Last Guardian trademark was abandoned. Apparently just an administrative error, Sony came out exclaiming that the title is still in the works and that they fully plan to move forward with the project.

For whatever reason, when Sony filed for the trademark extension back in 2013, the office did not fulfill the request or Sony never actually got around to filing the request; Either way, the trademark was abandoned which lead many to hold their head in shame about the loss of another promising title.

I say promising because in 2009, when the game was announced, it looked astonishing. Since 2009 the game has been shuffled around a few times, changed direction a few times and until last year, we never heard anything about it.

The main speculation behind the title came in 2013 when Sony switched from PS3 to PS4 orientation, which suggested that The Last Guardian was probably still under development, for the necessity to make it a current-gen console game.

While all of what we are saying is pure speculation and nothing has been officially announced about the game, we are still happy to report that Sony still is working on this title from 2009. If you haven’t seen the The Last Guardian reveal trailer from 2009, here you go. Do yourself the favor.

Stay tuned for more news surrounding The Last Guardian!