Killzone: Shadow Fall Producer Teases New Retro Maps and New IP

evolveteam June 6, 2014 0
Killzone: Shadow Fall Producer Teases New Retro Maps and New IP
Killzone Shadow Fall Retro Maps

Many Killzone fans flooded the AMA Guerrilla Games this past week, asking a myriad of questions and some even getting responses that shed new light on upcoming projects. With the next DLC/stand alone game coming called Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept, senior online producer at Guerrilla Games, Samrat Sharma, said the team will make an announcement on some “retro maps”. Maybe the fan-fav Radec Academy from Killzone 2? With E3 just moments away, Guerrilla games looks to announce both retro maps and their next expansive DLC.

Samrat Sharma also went on to talk about a new IP his team is working on saying, “No, we won’t be showing it right now. Simple reason: We are confident enough in the game, but it’s not something we can show and expect reasonable feedback.”
So with all of the speculation on new announcements at E3, this will not be one of them. Sharma did go on to say this IP will be an open world-type game and the team has confidence in the work they have done but never commented on what game genre this IP is overall.

With new retro maps confirmed, a new expansion for Killzone: Shadow Fall coming and a new IP to be announced in coming conferences, Guerrilla Games is giving their fans much to be excited for.

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