Kamakura Lamborghini Aventador Concept Looks Like A Batmobile Supercar

evolveteam March 11, 2014 5
Kamakura Lamborghini Aventador

While most of us have dreams of jumping in the batmobile or driving a Lambo, other autophiles have fantasies of combining the two to create the ultimate badass supercar. Rendering specialists from Casborn Styling Group took it upon themselves to make a speedster that even Bruce Wayne would want sitting in the Batcave. Introducing the Kamakura Lamborghini Aventador Stealth Widebody Concept, which is based on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 and sports one of the hottest-looking body kits out.

Notice the extreme front bumper, larger sideskirts, and bulkier diffuser help give the concept a more aggressive look. The Kamakura Aventador also features a twin-turbo system that helps generate 1,500 hp. Casborn claims it will only produce six models capable of producing such horsepower output. The stylish pack will e available in carbon fiber and ceramic as well. Fireeeeee!

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