GTA's Next Episode Fall Bound

evolveteam May 26, 2009 1

Being a 360 owner means you’ve struck platinum when it comes to gaining exclusive content. After several years on exclusivity on the Playstation 2, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series stood Sony bound for a number of years. That was until Microsoft emerged with their next-gen system and bushwhacked all the exclusives from their competitor. After Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto IV would have a multi-platform launch, for the first time, then came the announcement that 360 owners would get first dibs at the game’s exclusive downloadable episodes, which we recently experienced with GTA: The Lost and the Dead expansion.

Now 360 owners will get another episode titled “The Ballad of Gay Tony”, which will take gamers into the glamour and glitz of Liberty City. Play as Luis Lopez–a part-time hustler and full-time gangster for club owner Tony “Gay Tony”. Fans can download The Ballad of Gay Tony this fall on Xbox Live for $19.99 (1600 Microsoft Points).

But the announcements don’t stop there. Rockstar will also be re-releasing the Lost and Damned and bundle it with the Gay Tony episode as a standalone disc for the 360. What’s beautiful about this announcement is that gamers will not need a copy of GTA IV in order to play these episodes. With E3 around the corner, we can only wonder what Rockstar got up their sleeves, as far as announcements of course.