Gear up for Modern Warfare 2 … Literally

evolveteam July 14, 2009 0

Forget tin cases and art booklets, Infinity Ward and Activision meant business – and we mean some serious covert ops, night raid type business – when they put together the “Prestige” bundle for Modern Warfare 2 complete with fully functional night vision goggles. (Unboxing video after the jump )

The super limited edition bundle will come with everything the $80 collectors edition is equipped with including the game itself, an artwork book, a steel jewel case, a free download code for Call of Duty Classic (coming soon to PSN and XBLA), but it also comes with a pair of COD: MW2 branded, multi-functional night vision goggles. The “Prestige Edition” will assuredly cost more than whatever console you play the game on.

Watch Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward unbox it below.

You can pre-order all editions Modern Warfare 2 now or pick it up in stores November 10th.