The 10 Most Anticipated Gadgets of CES 2013

evolveteam January 3, 2013 0
Gadgets of CES 2013 HTC M7


HTC’s new flagship phone has been on the mobile horizon for quite some time, even dating back to the One X launch last summer. According to reports from Droid-Life via “reliable source,” we just might see the M7 hit the CES showroom floor next week. The spec sheet could consist of a 5-inch 1080 HD Display, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core CPU, 13MP rear camera, 2,300mAh battery, aluminum unibody design, and lastly, on-screen buttons instead of the capacitive touch options plastered at the bottom of the screen. Wow.

Gadgets of CES 2013 Polaroid Android Camera

Polaroid Android Mirrorless Camera

Over the years, we really haven’t heard much from the guys at Polaroid, but they resurfaced and with a new Android-based camera. According to CEO Scott Hardy, there will be an “interchangeable lens camera” powered by Google’s mobile OS platform. It’s rumored to feature an 18MP sensor and 3.5-inch LCD, all while running Android 4.0. We’re not too sure how well it’ll perform since the Samsung Galaxy Camera received mixed reviews. But at this point, what does Polaroid have to lose.

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