Facebook Hashtags Go Mobile

evolveteam June 28, 2013 0
Facebook Hashtags

Two weeks after Facebook hashtags began appearing on the social networking site, the company has brought its latest feature over to mobile devices. According to PCMag, a Facebook rep confirmed the rollout, though functionality on the iOS and Android apps is still inactive. For those who haven’t tested hashtags yet on Facebook, clicking on one opens a feed of “what other people and pages are saying about the same event or topic.” Hashtags can be searched for on the search bar.

Just yesterday, TechCrunch reported that Facebook launched a related hashtag feature as well. What’s the major difference between the two? With related hashtags, searching for a specific subject will give you related hashtags. Ex: searching for #equality can bring up something like #DOMA as mentioned by PCMag.

Give it a spin and see what comes up.


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