Ex-Halo and Bioshock Developers Earn Funding For The Flame and the Flood

evolveteam October 15, 2014 0

Having just passed its Kickstarter goal with an astounding 23 days remaining on it, and with stretch goals being planned due to this astounding event, developers for the new game The Flame and the Flood are definitely very excited. The concept behind the game is a very detailed look at survival games–with main gameplay mechanics begin collecting resources, crafting survival tools and so on. However, the biggest surprise is that the entire fund of the goal came from ex-developers who worked on titles such as Bioshock, Halo, Guitar Hero and a few other select titles.

The reasoning behind this team supporting the game in full is that they understand how fickle and tricky it is to use fan-based funding to get a project off the ground, as it sometimes works, but in most cases, is a total disaster.

“So thank you. The support of everyone is helping us in a huge way, not only in helping get this game made, but in putting us into a position that can help us well into the future. Our long term goal hasn’t just been to make a game. It’s been to build a studio that makes many great games for years to come. We are taking the first steps on that journey with all of you, and hope that through your support, we are all ensuring a future where we can continue making the sorts of games we love.”

The developer of the game went on to say showing just how much they love this project and video games themselves.