EvolveTV: Sega Talks Yakuza Dead Souls, Story Mode, and Zombie Kills

evolveteam October 28, 2011 2
Yakuza Dead Souls PS3

While Sega’s Yakuza franchise has been a huge hit overseas (primarily Japan), its never really caught on with US audiences. So what better way to reinvent the action-adventure series than by placing it in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Right? Makes sense if you think about. Considering zombie titles such as Dead Rising and TV shows like The Walking Dead are drawing huge followings, some might say its the right move in winning over stateside gamers. Senior Producer Yas Noguchi sits with us to discuss the motivation behind the making of Yakuza: Dead Souls, along with the game’s new story mode, weapons integration, and killing zombies. Peep the video below.

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