EvolveTV Exclusive: Sol Republic Headphones Preview

evolveteam September 28, 2011 1
Sol Republic Kevin Lee

Sol Republic President and former Beats by Dre associate, Kevin Lee, showcased his latest innovation at this year’s Pepcom Holiday Showcase—a new line of premium headphones that deliver the same high-quality sound of its competitors and at a recession-proof price of $100. Having integrating alterable and fashionable facets such as indestructible and interchangeable headbands, cables, and speakers, Sol aims to capture the audio- and fashion-centric crowd in search of dope headphones at a low cost. Offering both in-ear and on-ear selections, Sol Republic headphones can be purchased at Best Buy and will be available in the Apple Store come October. We’ll let Kevin sell you on them.

  • Ranvir-singh7

    Too much emphasis on the bass. It’s a bass heavy can. The mid-range is barely there. The construction is very good. They look pretty stupid.They look more like a tool of some sort than anything else. Possibly used in the garden. Great for the kids on the block that like bass heavy music and won’t notice the difference in sound quality…Does it also have a “super high definition cable?” how about monster cables beats.. are the cables just as great as their HDMI cables? Well a digital signal travels from point A to B folks, so as long as your HDMI cable isn’t falling apart and has relatively good build quality it should last you years. No, using a “monster cable” will not improve the picture quality or the audio quality; if you have 1080p it will stay 1080p. If your TV is cheap and has low quality internal speakers – you won’t have the greatest sound quality and will have to opt for a good set of home theatre speakers. If your speakers are bad, the “monster cable” won’t make a difference. This also goes for other over-priced stuff that I like to call: “snake oil.”

    Stop making headphones guys. You suck at it.