EvolveTV: Binary Domain Preview

evolveteam October 31, 2011 0
Binary Domain PS3 images

Sega of America’s Derek Peel gives us a first-hand look at the publisher’s upcoming squad-based shooter: Binary Domain. The third-person action title is set to blast its way onto retail shelves this February, bringing along ridiculous battle battles, insane weaponry, and its own command system known as the “Consequence System,” which places heavy emphasis on your actions and teammates trust. The gameplay looks amazing. Read up more on Binary Domain in our Life After Gears: The 5 Craziest Third-Person Shooters To Anticipate feature. Also, check out our other exclusive Sega coverage for Sonic Generations, Shinobi 3DS, Yakuza: Dead Souls, and Virtua Tennis 4 for the PlayStation Vita by clicking here.