Crazy Rumor Has Paul Walker’s Brother Cody Stepping In to Film ‘Fast & Furious 7’

evolveteam December 16, 2013 4
Fast & Furious 7 Cody Walker

The rumor mill has been absurd as of late in regards to the stalled developments surrounding the Fast & Furious 7 after the death of Paul Walker. On top of Universal possibly having screenwriter Chris Morgan rewrite the script to reflect the actor’s absence, there’s also been talk of canceling the film in general, though it seems doubtful the studio would put down such a major cash cow.

However, this latest report seems to be the most disturbing, as Daily Mail reports Paul’s brother and 25-year-old former stunt actor, Cody Walker, could possibly step in and film his older bro’s final scenes—primarily those shot “from behind and at distance and if it’s a shot they need Paul’s face in close up they can CGI it later on.” Universal has been working closely with the Walker family to ensure the proper handling of the Brian O’Conner character, though we’re all anticipating an announcement on when the sequel will resume production.

One thing is for sure–the Fast & Furious 7 won’t meet its original July 11, 2014 release date.

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