Christoph Waltz Rumored to be New Bond 24 Villain

evolveteam November 14, 2014 0
Bond 24 Christoph Waltz

After a mesmerizing turn from Javier Bardem in last year’s critical and financial titan Skyfall, Bond aficionados were eager to hear about who director Sam Mendes would pit against 007 next. New is now coming in that Christoph Waltz, best known for his two Best Supporting Actor Oscars under Tarantino’s tutelage, has signed up for Bond 24. It is unclear, at this moment, whether Waltz will be playing Bond’s nemesis or not, but, based on Waltz’ strengths as an actor, it would not be totally far-fetched to conjecture that he will be going toe-to-toe with Daniel Craig.

What is more, there is speculation that Waltz will be playing Bond’s arch-nemesis from the early movies – namely, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the mastermind behind the S.P.E.C.T.R.E organization. If you do not recognize the name, he is perhaps best recognized today as the character parodied by Mike Myers to create “Dr. Evil.” For some time, it was thought the Chiwetel Ejiofor would take the next Bond villain role; however, it looks like he has moved on.

What do you think? Will Waltz make a formidable foe for Bond?